Chipped tooth

Chipped tooth

I bit the fork!

This morning, I was eating my breakfast when I heard a loud noise. I had bit into my fork, and it was one hard bite.  After I brushed my tongue against my teeth, I quickly realized that I had chipped a tooth.

I asked my husband to take a look at my teeth, but he did not see anything.  After I pointed to exactly where I felt the crack, my husband was able to see it.  However, he said it was barely noticeable.  Nonetheless, I quickly ran to the bathroom to check out the damage for myself.  The crack although small was definitely there!

So far, I have yet to experience any pain from the whole ordeal.  However, I have been feeling awkward all morning.  I can constantly feel the small crack, and it is majorly annoying.  Hubby tries to tell me that I will eventually get used to it.  But I am not sure if I will ever truly gain a sense of normalcy with the cracked tooth.

I have heard about people getting their teeth cracked while eating before.  Usually though, it is from eating something hard or crunchy.  What was I eating?  I was simply eating a pancake.  But it was the fork!  I don’t know how or why it happened.  All I know is that from here on out, I am going to need to be a lot more cautious while eating.  I will try to take softer bites, and I will train myself to eat slower in general.