Five reasons I am sick and tired of money

Five reasons I am sick and tired of money

Title says it all.

Money seems to be the be all and end all these days. Here are five reasons why I think otherwise:


1. Greed

“Anything/anything/anything for money,” Michael Jackson once sang. Too true: I loathe and despise how big business and politicians run wild with it at the expense of the little person. Have a small business deep in debt? The local government can’t help you because of whatever nonsensical reason they have. But if you own a professional sports team and want a new stadium? “Well now, come right in and get all the money you want!” the politicians say, even if your team is the hapless, hopeless, and sleaze-ridden Minnesota Vikings.

Going back to big business and money, I know from personal experience that they don’t care a whoop about the needs of its rank and file. For years I labored at Cub Foods with my wages frozen due to being demoted to an “entry level” position without my yes or no after not making the grade in a more profitable position as a store associate working in produce. The reason they froze them: since I was switched from produce to the ”entry level” position known as “clean team,” I was therefore “over scale” wage-wise. Finally, the labor union got it untangled. When I left Cub, however, everyone was working under a wage freeze thanks to a new union contract that was voted on in 2010. The “little people” just can’t win.

2. Low supply in high demand

“The harder I work/the faster my money goes,” Elvis sang. That goes without saying: prices keep going up and up these days while the bulk of the people out there can scarcely keep up with them what with jobs being scarce, wages frozen or cut, etc.

3. It limits you and your dreams

When you live on a shoestring budget, you can only dream of taking a trip, or that expensive car or other consumer good you’d like to have but can’t afford due to your living on the poverty line. To say nothing of how it limits you from pursuing your life’s ambitions because you are stuck out harvesting crops of money instead.

4. Having no money leads to chaos

Due to a reason to be listed next, during my childhood and teenage years I endured having the power turned off multiple times, having the gas cut, and the garbage service suspended. Then when I was twenty-one my family became utterly destitute and homeless and all because of lack of money.

5. It Is a favorite tool of manipulation

However, all the times lack of money lead to the calamities listed in reason #4 was not because we could not find work or anything like that, but because my family was under the thumb of my father, a selfish, petty bully who used money to control his tortured brood day in and day out. The way he chiefly did it was by not having an honest job but instead living off of his rich father, a man who liked to play petty games with money in order to control his son. Reflecting on what his demon seed offspring did to his family, I’d say he is a chip off the old block. Quite frankly, people like them can take their money and eat it for all I care