Mom's coming over

Mom's coming over

It’s like a cleaning inspection.

I always try to keep my house fairly nice and tidy.  But whenever I hear that either my parents or my in-laws are coming over, I always go on a cleaning frenzy.  My husband always giggles to himself a little as he watches me go about like a cleaning person on steroids.

Both my mom and my mother-in-law are housewives.  Therefore, they pride themselves on how well they keep their house all nice and clean.  They also are more likely to notice anything that is out of place or a tad bit dusty at another person’s house. 

I can’t help but feel a bit paranoid whenever either of them makes a visit.  My husband says I act as if they are here for a cleaning inspection.  I know he is only teasing, but in a way, I feel as if they really are there to inspect just how well I keep my house. 

Prior to every visit from either my parents or in-laws, I always spend at least an entire day cleaning.  I make sure to dust every nook and cranny.  My husband often offers to help, but I usually decline.  That is because I am very particular in how I want things done. 

Even if he were to help me clean, I would just end up doing it over again.  Hubby thinks I am a little cuckoo about it all, but I just cannot help myself.  I do not want to have to hear my mom point out something that needs to be cleaned up, and I definitely do not want my in-laws to have anything bad to notice as they look around my house.