My haircut in Myanmar

My haircut in Myanmar

A trim at an all-female salon

This one time I traveled to Myanmar. At the same time that I traveled to Myanmar, my hair decided to grow to a length that I no longer found acceptable for my own personal enjoyment. With that being the situation I found myself in, I went on a mission to find the most acceptable barber for $2 in the town of Bhamo.

As I wandered the streets, my search was between two rival barbers. After inspecting both shops, I decided to go with the female barber, with all female assistants, due to cleanliness of the salon. My decision was cemented as they offered me a scalp massage with my shampooing before the cut.

As I lay in the massage chair, feeling the cool water caress my head in the oppressive heat, the hands of the stylist’s assistant rubbed my scalp gently. This went on for a few moments, but as time passed, the intensity of massage increased. I’ve known Southeast Asian massages to be a bit less soothing than those in the states, but by the end of the massage, I literally had the assistant punching me in the head. Maybe this was just her way to get a free shot at a foreigner…

After the entertaining massage, my hair cut began. It was curious from the beginning, though, as I realized my stylist failed to have electric clippers. As she used her stylist’s scissors on my hair, I looked around the salon realizing there were only pictures of women. Myanmar is a society where men and women don’t interact much beyond marriage, and I realized mid-cut that I had chosen the all women’s salon. I tried to hide my embarrassment the rest of the time, and quickly paid and bolted as the last strand of hair hit the floor.