Wrecked my diet over Thanksgiving

Wrecked my diet over Thanksgiving

I was more stuffed than a turkey.

Last week, I hosted my first Thanksgiving.  Since I was not about to spend the entire day cooking in the kitchen, I decided to take the family to a Thanksgiving buffet at a nearby casino.  Having been to the Maryland Live Casino’s buffet a couple times before, I knew that I could count on the food and service there to be up to my liking. 

Sure enough, the food at the buffet was good enough to please everyone in my party.  As with most other buffets out there, not everything was truly delicious.  However, there was enough good stuff to have me keep coming back for more.  By the end of the Thanksgiving dinner, I was more stuffed than a turkey on the holiday of thanks.

My parents stayed at my place for the next three days, and during that time, I took them to some of my favorite restaurants in the local area.  By the time my parents left to go home, I had gained a whopping five pounds.  Sure, some of that might have been water weight from excessive sodium intake.  However, the rest was bound to stay as fat on my body if I did not start to do something about it.

Yesterday morning my parents went home, and I started my version of a cleansing diet.  I spent the entire day eating nothing but old fashion oatmeal and granola bars.  This morning, I woke up three pounds lighter.  To prevent my body from entering starvation mode, I have opted to incorporate more foods into my diet today.  For instance, I had a shrimp salad earlier for lunch.  As the week progress, I will continue to add more food into my diet.  Hopefully, I will end the week weighing less than I did before Thanksgiving Day.